Non-Stop Comic Shop #11: Corporal Punishment


For your eleventh visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop, the boys reach into Jordan’s “Why the Hell do I Own This?” collection and pull out Avengers Confidential: Black Widow X Punisher, a Marvel licensed anime that sadly does not feature Dracula eating a hamburger like the last one they did. After preventing him from killing Vash the Stampede’s dad, Black Widow recruits the Punisher on her mission to stop her bizarrely motivated ex-boyfriend from joining those guys from Agent Carter’s show and flooding the world with embarrassingly awful super-soldiers. Guest starring: a horny 12 year-old and Kirby the Pokemon! Then after the break, Jordan takes his shots at Netflix’s new Punisher series. He lambasts the poor continuity from Daredevil Season 2, shares his dream casting choice for Ma Gnucci, misuses the non-existent word “Anvilicious”, and dramatically learns the subtle difference between airsoft and paintball. #HeroOrMurder

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