Twelve Days of Questionable Xmas 001 – Batman Returns

On a site like this was there ever any question as to what our number one pick for questionable Christmas film would be? Batman Returns is a weird film to watch now. With the recent proliferation of superhero flicks at the box office, seeing Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito star in one is just odd. Tim Burton’s directing is so unlike anything else that putting superheros under its umbrella really just sets it as something of an outlier. Add in the Christmas setting and you have one weird flick. I love it though. Honestly and deeply. It is such a wonderfully realized version of Gotham and its inhabitants. Everything works in this movie even when it maybe shouldn’t. And Michelle Phieffer as Catwoman? Meow amiright? Do yourself a favor a watch this movie. It doesn’t have to be on Christmas, but it should be. Gather the family. It is about as entertaining an experience as you could possibly have.

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