Twelve Days of Questionable Xmas 002 – The Ref

This movie. This goddamn movie. I’m not sure I have ever laughed harder or been more surprised by a flick than this one. Denis Leary as a thief getting that last big score before retirement is a thing of beauty. Kevin Spacey as a beat down husband is tragically hilarious. The family dinner scene is about the most uncomfortable thing ever put on film and perfectly captures how many of us feel around the holidays. But, the heart this movie shows over the third act is what really sets it apart. There is real growth and depth to these characters and you find yourself completely rooting for them. There is so much charm in this film. It’s a shame it’s been so under appreciated in its time. It is one film I return to quite a bit, not just at Christmas, because of how good it is. I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you watch but one film from this series, let it be this one.

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