Twelve Days of Questionable Xmas #6 – In Bruges

In Bruges is one of my favorite films of all time. I love this film dearly. Like, to little bitty pieces. It makes this list because it happens to take place at Christmas for part of it. (the part with the hookers and the little person actor, but still Christmas) Colin Farrell is so goddamn good in this flick. He plays an assassin who killed the wrong person. That person happened to be a small child. As you can imagine, his life spirals out of control after that event. He is sent, with his friend/partner, to the city of Bruges in Belgium. And he hates it. A lot. The rest of the film is a darkly comedic adventure through the life of a man who knows he has no future. It is touching, hilarious and incredibly sad, all at the same. It is beautiful and well worth your time at the holidays or otherwise.

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