Twelve Days of Questionable Xmas #12 – Rocky IV

Oh, Rocky IV. Where to begin? The death of Apollo Creed? Fucking devastating. Ivan Drago being the coldest dude on the planet? Amazing. That training montage? The best ever put on screen. I love this movie dearly. It’s not good, let’s just be honest. The Rocky films really tailed off after the first two. What makes this movie a great Xmas flick is that it is so deeply rooted in the spirit of the Christmas miracle. Rocky, to avenge the death of Apollo, agrees to fight the unstoppable monster that is Ivan Drago. The fact that Drago is being pumped full of steroids and questionable training methods only serves to stack the odds more in his favor. Traveling to Russia at Christmas time, Rocky trains by doing manly shit. Running on mountains, chopping wood, lifting wheelbarrows full of stuff, real man’s man kind of work. The fight, no matter how hard he has worked, is simply unwinnable for Rocky. But, being the titular character, win he does. And what a speech at the end. He’s right you know, if they can change AND he can change, then everybody can change. If that isn’t Christmas spirit and good will towards men I don’t know what is. Break this flick out and give it a go. If not, at least watch the training montage below. It’s seriously amazing.

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