Welcome to Geekade’s 31 Days of Halloween!

It’s October! And while we could very well spend an entire month just listing all the things that have been pumpkin spiced, instead we’re going to do our very own 31 days of Halloween! Every day in October, we will feature new Halloween-themed content from everyone on our staff. That includes special episodes of our regular content, as well as one-shot Think Tank articles from our creators about their favorite Halloween movies, shows, and what-have-you. 

Do you want an extra spooky episode of Ring the Bell? How about the Apathusiasts writing about horror movies? Dean talking about The Blob? Tiger Driver ’91 highlighting WCW Hell in the Cell matches? A Halloween themed episode of WaveBack? Dan pairing Pumpkin beer?  CBFU talking about horror books? Ghost on the D-List? If you do, then stay tuned. All this and more is coming your way, right here at Geekade. Just look for the orange logo., and the hashtag #31DOH. 

It’s a celebration of all things geek Halloween! Enjoy!

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