S4YA S2E2: The Man in the Bottle

This week on Submitted For Your Approval, we have one of the elder statesmen of Twilight Zone podcasts, Mr. Tom Elliot! He joins me to discuss “The Man in The Bottle”! 

Show Notes

Originally aired: October 7, 1960


  1. Luther Adler as Arthur Castle (Was in the American remake of Fritz Lang’s “M”
  2. Viv Janiss as Edna Castle (She was in the Fever… fraaannnnkkklllinnnn)
  3. Joseph Ruskin as the Genie (Columbo tie in, Night Gallery, and was the voice of the ship Kanamit)

Directed by: Don Medford, 5 episodes (Deaths Head, Death Ship, Passage for Trumpet, this one, and The Mirror)

Teleplay by: Rod Serling

Arthur Castle, an in debt antique store owner, is trying to sort his way through bills when a woman comes in trying to hock a bottle as an heirloom. Though down on his luck, he buys it from her for a dollar. His wife, Edna, and he fight over the bottle and unleash a genie! 

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