S4YA S2E3 – A Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room

The show welcomes this week a very funny and talented man, Mr. Graham Elwood to discuss “Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room”. We explore the conscience, finding the better part of ourselves (or not listening to them) and top it off with insight about the way they filmed certain shots!

Show Notes:

Originally aired: October 14, 1960


  1. William D. Gordon as George (also a doctor in Eye of the Beholder)
  2. Joe Mantell as Jacki Roades (also in Steel… I recognize him from Chinatown)

Directed by: Douglas Heyes (9 episodes)

Teleplay by: Rod Serling

Synopsis: We meet, by way of closeup, a Mr. Jacki Roades. A man, down on his luck, who rapidly finds out that maybe there’s a part of every person that longs to do something different with their life. 


For more of Graham’s work, you can find him in a few places! Be sure to check out all of his excellent content, including his album Palm Strike Dance Party and his Comedy Film Nerds podcast! Also, stay tuned for his documentary, Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary. Head over to his website, www.grahamelwood.com or follow him on Twitter @Grahamelwood!

As always, thank you to everyone who listens to the show and responds. You are all amazing! Leave a comment on any of my social media and I’ll make sure to respond as quickly as I realize something was posted! 

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