S4YA S2E5 – The Howling Man – Twilight Zone

For this week’s show, I’m joined by Dr. Miranda Corcoran! She teaches English at University College Cork where she also teaches American Literature. She’s taught courses on horror, science fiction, and intersections of psychology and literature. All the way from Ireland, thanks to the magic of Skype, welcome to the show Dr. Miranda Corcoran!

To check out the article we speak about on the episode, you can find it here. Dr. Corcoran was a wonderful guest and convinced me that I need to go back to school! 

Show Notes:

Originally aired: November 4, 1960


  1. John Carradine as Brother Jerome
  2. Robin Hughes as The Howling Man
  3. H.M. Wynant as David Ellington

Directed by: Douglas Heyes (9 episodes)

Teleplay by: Charles Beaumont

Synopsis: Mr. David Ellington is backpacking through Europe just after World War I, the Great War. Near exhaustion, he finds himself at the door of a hermitage run by the Brothers of Truth. He hears a howling sound emanating from the halls and he eventually finds out that the brothers are keeping a man locked up behind a staff of truth. Even though Brother Jerome, the head of the brothers, warns Ellington that the man is actually the Devil, Ellington chooses to release the man anyway. To Ellington’s horror, the man transforms before his eyes into the Devil. Several years later, after WW2 and the Korean War, he’s managed to track down the devil and lock him up again… and tries to convince his maid not to let it out.

The maid remains unconvinced and, after Ellington leaves, opens the door…

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