S4YA S2E6 – Eye of the Beholder – Twilight Zone

The multi-talented cohost of the Everything’s Coming up Podcast, comedian and musician, Allie Goertz joins the show this week to discuss the dangers of conformity.[spacer height=”20px”]

Allie is a uniquely talented person and I heavily suggest checking out her website, Alliegoertz.com for some really cool stuff. Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter @alliegoertz and @Simpsonspod

Show Notes:

Originally aired: November 11, 1960


  1. Donna Douglas as Janet Tyler (revealed)
  2. Maxine Stuart as Janet Tyler (bandaged)
  3. William D. Gordon as a Doctor

Directed by: Douglas Heyes

Teleplay by: Rod Serling

Synopsis: A young woman has just gone through surgery to make her beautiful.  After a brief discussion, they decide to remove the bandages. After the bandages are removed, it turns out that Janet is actually a beautiful woman! Everybody in the operating room ends up being ugly ones (to the viewer), but in this world “pig faces” are considered the norm. Janet tries to run away but falls into the arms of another “ugly” person. This person is there to take her to a camp full of other ugly people like them.  

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