S4YA S2E7 – Nick of Time – Twilight Zone

This week, author Kathryn Ormsbee and I stop by a little Ohio diner to have a date with the bobble-headed devil and a young William Shatner!

Kathryn is a wonderful guest and a wonderful author, I highly recommend heading out to her website, or by following her on Twitter @Kathsby. All of her works can be found over on Goodreads and anywhere else books are sold (see: Amazon)! She is an excellent writer (made me laugh out loud) and it behooves you to read her stories!

Show Notes:

Originally aired: November 18, 1960


  1. William Shatner as Don Carter
  2. Patricia Breslin as Pat Carter (2 episodes)

Directed by: Richard L. Bare (7 episodes)

Teleplay by: Richard Matheson

Synopsis: A man and his fiancée break down in a small Ohio town. They stop into a diner where they interact with a Mystic Seer machine that can “tell the future”. The couple gets caught up in its superstition and, eventually, they decide to put their confidence in themselves instead of luck.

As they leave the diner, another couple comes… a couple that is unable to separate themselves from the machines hold…

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