S4YA S2E9 – The Trouble with Templeton

My co-host and co-creator of Apathetic Enthusiasm, Travis Menard, joins me for a hearty discussion about the past in “The Trouble with Templeton”

As with all my guests, Travis is really a wonderful person. I’ve known him for years and he’s really the primary reason why I’m even in the world of podcasting now. If you want to hear more from him and, by extension, me, check out Apathetic Enthusiasm on iTunes, Stitcher and everywhere else podcasts are!

Show Notes:

Originally aired: December 9nd, 1960


  1. Brian Aherne as Booth Templeton
  2. Pippa Scott as Laura Templeton (Columbo connection!)
  3. Sydney Pollack as Willis, the Director (Tootsie, Out of Africa)

Directed by: Buzz Kulik (2nd of 9 episodes)

Teleplay by: E. Jack Neuman

Synopsis: Booth Templeton, an aging stage actor, longs for his youth and his first wife, Laura. After meeting the director of a new play, he runs off. Templeton finds himself in the past and meets up with his best friend and long-dead wife (Laura) at a jazz club. After pleading with Laura to spend time alone, she tells him, “get out of here”. He leaves the bar and, again, finds himself backstage in the present. He reaches into his pocket and realizes he brought back a souvenir from the past: a script. he reads some of it and discovers that Laura put on a production to make Templeton live his life.

With renewed purpose, Templeton goes to work on the play, and commands the respect of Sydney Pollack

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