S4YA S2E8 – The Lateness of the Hour

This week, Ben Sledge and I talk about artificial intelligence, sentience, and the obnoxious sounds of an old woman this week in The Lateness of the Hour!

Ben is an extremely talented guy. He’s the producer, writer, and director of the upcoming Twilight Zone inspired short film, The Recursion Theorem. You can also see some of the great stuff he’s doing with the space-based exploration game, Gears of Eden (also follow the game on Twitter @gearsofeden). Head out to Twitter and follow him @sledgeweb 

Show Notes:

Originally aired: December 2nd, 1960


  1. John Hoyt as Dr. Loren (2 episodes, Will the Real Martian Please Standup?)
  2. Inger Stevens as Jana Loren (The Hitch-Hiker)

Directed by: Jack Smight (4 episodes, 3 were videotaped)

Teleplay by: Rod Serling

Synopsis: A young woman, Jana, (Inger Stevens) tries her best to convince her parents to get rid of the robots that take care of their every whim. It’s not until Jana pushes her parents too far that she finds out that she is, in fact, one of the robots. Fortunately for her, her parents have a hard time letting her go…


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