Geekade Goes To TooManyGames!

This weekend, June 24-26, Geekade will be attending TooManyGames!

If you’ve never heard of it before, TooManyGames is an annual video game convention that’s chock full of awesomeness. Vendors, musicians, free play areas, panels, and more will all be there to keep you busy and filled with so much joy you may actually explode. But wait, it gets better!

Geekade will be sharing some space with the Stone Age Gamer booth. Why is that so cool? Well, not only are they super awesome folks who sponsor our video game podcast the Stone Age Gamer Podcast (I know, it’s aptly named) but they will be debuting some super cool new products at the show including the new Everdrive GBA and more. BUT WAIT, THERE’S EVEN MORE!

Dan, Dean, and Kris from the Stone Age Gamer Podcast will be hosting their annual panel “Buy Somethin, Will ya!” Saturday night at 7:30pm! With only $20 each to spend, the SAG crew must find the coolest things they can and compete at the panel for a chance at victory. What do they win? Nothing. But they all get to keep the things they bought, so that’s something, right?

Members of the Geekade staff will also be runing around all weekend long, doing interviews, buying and playing games, and possibly dressing up as princesses and hedgehogs. So keep your eyes peeled, and we’ll see you at the show! 

For tickets and other assorted information, head over to 

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