S4YA S2E12 – Dust – Twilight Zone

A brand new episode with a great moral: look for magic in your heart with Dust!

My good friend Pat Orr helps me out to talk about this wonderful little tale of finding magic for love over hate!

Show Notes:

Originally aired: January 6th, 1961


  1. John Alonso as Luis Gallegos (won Best Cinematography for Chinatown)
  2. Douglas Heyes, Jr as little Farmboy *writer silk stalkings and an episode of MacGuyver)
  3. John Larch as Sherriff Koch (3 episodes total)
  4. Vladimir Sokoloff as old Gallegos (3 episodes)

Directed by: Douglas Heyes

Teleplay by: Rod Serling

Synopsis: A man sentenced to hanging for the murder of a girl in a drunk carriage accident awaits his execution date. A peddler of random goods convinces the man’s father that he can sell “magic dust” that turns “hate into love” but is really just a bag of ordinary dirt. At the hanging, the father starts to throw the dirt over the heads of the audience and shouts, “the magic is for love!” Behind him, the hanging takes place but when he turns around, he sees that the rope broke. 

The Sheriff appeals then to the parents of the dead little girl to reconsider the hanging. The parents agree and suggest the man has suffered enough; one victim is enough.

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