S4YA S2E15 – The Invaders

This week I discuss perhaps one of my all time favorite episodes, The Invaders, with the wonderfully enjoyable Jude Shelton!

I was introduced to Jude through a certain Ms. Carrie Poppy (of Oh No, It’s Ross and Carrie). We had a great time talking about this Agnes Moorehead classic. If you want to find more out about Jude, her work and her stand-up comedy courses, head to her website. You can also follow her on Twitter. Like so many of my guests, she is a bright personality and great presence. 

Show Notes

Originally Aired: January 26th, 1961


  1. Agnes Moorehead (she’s kinda the entire “cast”; Bewitched and Citizen Kane)
  2. Douglas Heyes (Spacemen and “The Voice”)

Directed by: Douglas Hayes (9 episodes)

Teleplay by: Richard Matheson

Synopsis: A woman, alone in an isolated cabin, is attacked by The Invaders… miniature spacemen. After fighting them off, killing one in the process, she goes onto the roof. Exhausted, she smashes their Forbidden Planet ship with an axe. 

Inside the ship, she hears the spaceman warning Central Control about a planet full of powerful giants. The camera pans to show what was previously hidden. The logo of the United States Air Force prominently displayed on the smoldering ship.


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