S4YA S2E16 – A Penny For Your Thoughts

Have you ever wanted to read minds? We discuss exactly that this week with the Dick York classic, “A Penny for Your Thoughts”!

My guest this week was the irreplaceable Matt Raimo, fellow Geekader, and great guy overall! You can find his show, Ring the Bell over on Geekade and Youtube.

We talk about this in the show, and I wanted to make it clear… here is the definition for “inimitable

Now, onto the show!

Show Notes

Originally aired: February 3rd, 1961


  1. Dick York as Hector B. Poole (2 episodes, and Bewitched)
  2. Cyril Delevanti as Mr. Smithers (4 episodes)
  3. June Dayton as Ms. Turner
  4. Dan Tobin as Mr. Bagby

Directed by: James Sheldon (6 episodes, Long Distance Call and It’s a Good Life)

Teleplay by: George Clayton Johnson

Synopsis: In this prequel episode to Bewitched, a young banker (played by the inimitable Dick York) unwittingly becomes able to read people’s thoughts. After he overhears a coworkers plot to rob the bank they work at, he informs his manager. When the coworker leaves the bank vault, he’s stopped by security and searched… but has no money on him. His coworker says, “yeah, of course I WANT to rob the bank, but I’m not gonna” so he doesn’t. Although Darren gets fired, he’s immediately rehired and, thanks to the encouragement of a female coworker, he gets a promotion, too!


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