S4YA S2E13 – Back There – Twilight Zone

This week I’m joined by another guest from across the pond to discuss a time travelly look into American history!

Chris is the host of Spielberg pod which can be found on iTunes, Stitcher and anywhere podcasts are distributed!

Show Notes:

Originally aired: January 13th, 1961

Russell Johnson as Corrigan (Gilligans Islan, #obvi)
John Lassell as John Wilkes Boothe (Mr. Wellington)
Bartlett Robinson as William (in To Serve Man)

Directed by: David Orrick McDearmon (3 episodes)

Teleplay by: Rod Serling

Synopsis: After a conversation about time travel hypotheticals, Mr. Corrigan steps out of a gentlemen’s club and into the past; specifically 1865, the night of President Lincoln’s assassination. After trying and failing to warn people about John Wilkes Booth’s plan, he is believed by one man, a Mr. Wellington. After explaining the plot to murder Lincoln, Corrigan realizes that he’s been drugged. After waking up, he notices a handkerchief with the initials “JWB” stitched into it. Realizing he couldn’t change the past, he finds himself banging on the door of the gentlemen’s club again.

He goes inside and finds a new person sitting at the poker table, the great grandson of the only other person to believe Corrigan in the past. Corrigan reaches into his pocket and finds he still has the initialed handkerchief…


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