Non-Stop Comic Shop #06: I Vant to Suck!


For your sixth visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop, Halloween month kicks off with our reviews of two anemic animated comic book films starring Dracula. First, some hot bat-on-bat action with The Batman (that’s THE Batman) vs. Dracula, an unrated blood-drenched children’s movie. Then, the celebrated late-series run on Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula adaptation (and bad anime holy grail) known as Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned. We’ve got kung fu Penguins, wheelchair sword-fights, incompetent Bostonian contractors, infuriating pseudonyms, eye gleam, tasty burgers, vampire Joker’s blood showers, the goddamn Batmap, and a dead baby. Happy Halloween!

Take a gander at our previous show here!

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