Non-Stop Comic Shop #08: Easy Bake Coven


For your eighth visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop, Jordan celebrates Halloween with his review of Witches: the Gathering, a mid-2000’s Marvel miniseries that deserves to be burned at the stake. Can a trio of sexy, half-naked and horrible young ladies protect the mystical Marvel universe from Satan #5 of 8, Dr. Strange’s incompetent leadership, and the writer’s own crushing apathy? After the break, the boys dive into 2006’s (or 20003’s) Man-Thing, the only Marvel slasher movie until New Mutants comes out next year. Starring: boring hero Sheriff Kyle Whatshisname, Floridian redneck Bulk and Skull, unlikeable disposable victims named after celebrated comic creators, and Trish Walker from Jessica Jones! Bonus: incredible revelations about Kevin Feige, Life Magazine, and Iron Man 3!

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