Non-Stop Comic Shop #09: Keep Ragnarok’n Me, Baby


For your ninth visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop, Jordan first tries out his Weird Al Yankovic impression, then treats you to a look at Thor #184-6, a story arc so lazy and boring that it’s actually vividly memorable. We’ve got a vague bland cosmic evil, enormous comedy swords, jewelry-based politics, a race of giants that defy their description in the D&D Monster Manual, and an awful new character who proves that silence isn’t always golden. After the break, our review of Thor: Ragnarok, the only Thor movie Brendan has ever wanted to see. How does it’s improvised comedy stack up to that other Thor movie, Ghostbusters? Does “the Immigrant Song” prove as vital to this film as “Sabotage” did for Star Trek? Was it even more “80’s” then Guardians vol. 2?

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