S4YA S2SE – Special Edition with the Anthology Podcast

You wanted to hear a new episode of Submitted for Approval this week? Well, I kind of have a special edition for you! Because of circumstances beyond my control, we didn’t record any new episode, HOWEVER, sometimes fate steps in and says, “hello, did you need help with anything?”

This week on the show, instead of an episode talking about Season 2, I have a swapcast presentation of my appearance on Matt Hurt’s Anthology Podcast. He brought me on to discuss Season 1 of the Twilight Zone and ask me a bunch of random questions. If you were wondering what I’m like when I don’t have the responsibility of hosting, take a listen!

I highly recommend checking out Matt’s podcasts. He hosts the Obsessive Viewer podcast as well as the aforementioned Anthology Podcast. He is super cool and, even though I’ve never met him in person, I consider him one of my new friends. Podcasting has really been amazing in that sense!

Let me know in the comments below if you liked the show and if there’s anything you’d like to see in the future! Until then, thank you so much for listening, you are all so amazing!

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