S4YA S2E17 – Twenty-Two

The Twilight Zone podcast crew series just keeps on kickin’. Craig Beam (of Between Light and Shadow) joins me this week to talk about a dancer flying toward danger in “Twenty-Two”!

Show Notes

Originally aired: February 10th, 1961


  1. Elizabeth Powell as Barbara Nichols
  2. Jonathan Harris as the doctor
  3. Fredd Wayne as Barney

Directed by: Jack Smight (4 episodes AND The Illustrated Man)

Teleplay by: Rod Serling based on an anecdote and also from Famous Ghost Stories

Synopsis: Barbara Nichols, a dancer, is in the hospital after suffering from a nervous breakdown. She keeps having a recurring dream where she swears is predicting her death. In the dream, a woman opens up the door to the morgue and says, “room for one more, honey.”

After repeating the dream over and over again, she is eventually released from the hospital to take a trip to Miami. Right as she’s about to board the plane, the flight attendant, the same woman from her dream calmly tells Barbara, “room for one more, honey.”

Barbara runs off screaming. A few minutes later, she watches as the plane takes off and immediately explodes. It turns out her dreams were warning her after all.

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