S4YA S2E18 – The Odyssey of Flight 33

The talented and funny Will Hines joins the show this week to discuss the dry, technical flight jargon filled episode, “The Odyssey of Flight 33”!

Will was a pure joy to have on the show! There are a bunch of ways to check out more of his work. Head over to his site, WillHines.net. You can also find his blog at Improv Nonsense. He hosts a few different podcasts, including the very good “Don’t Get Me Started” and his newest, “Screw It, We’re Just Gonna Talk About The Beatles“! 


Show Notes:

Originally aired: February 24, 1961


  1. John Anderson as Captain Farver
  2. Paul Comi as First Officer Craig
  3. Harp McGuire as Flight Engineer Parcell

Directed by: Justus Addiss

Teleplay by: Rod Serling

Synopsis: Global Flight 33 is making its way over the Atlantic ocean on the way to New York. When the flight hits a speed pocket, they manage to break the sound barrier. The pilot and his crew look out the window to see a brontosaurus: they’ve gone back in time!

They decide the only way to get back is to hit the same sound barrier. Once they bust through, they manage to make radio contact with Idyllwild, though they inexplicably don’t know of any of the pieces of technology such as radio or instrument landing systems that the crew is talking about. As Flight 33 is about to land, the pilot notices that in place of the United Nations building, the World Fair sits. Realizing that they’re still in the past, 1939 to be exact, the pilot tells the passengers that they’re low on fuel but are going to hit the speed barrier again. Hopefully they’ll be in the right time then…

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