S4YA S2E20 – Static – Twilight Zone

More Twilight Zone podcast fun with the host of the That Twilighty Show About that Zone, David Lawler! Join us to discuss “Static”

David is a wonderful guest and I had a blast talking to him about the static of old school radio and the Bob Crane tie-in’s of the show. To hear more from David, there’s a few places to do that:

Misadventures in Blissville Facebook Group


Originally Aired: March 9, 1961


  • Bob Crane – voice of the various disc jockeys
  • Robert Ernhardt – Professor Ackerman
  • Dean Jagger – Ed Linsky (HE WAS IN COLUMBO)
  • Carmen Matthews – Vinnie

Directed by: Buzz Kulick (9 episodes!)

Teleplay by Charles Beaumont based on a short story by OCee Ritch

Synopsis: An old man finds a radio station that takes him back to his youth; despite his friends starting static.


Thanks for everything you guys do for the show, I really appreciate it!

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Thanks again for listening!

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