Look, we all knew this was coming. It’s been teased for months now, what with long looks from Ciampa towards Gargano after every big loss. The history of Ciampa and Gargano as singles wrestlers. The fact that in his previous independent bookings Ciampa was billed as the “Psycho Killer”. Doesn’t make it easier to stomach however. In my prediction post last week I called this turn. It made sense to do it now. And honestly, both Ciampa and Gargano have bright futures ahead as singles competitors in WWE. Gargano will be one of the most over babyfaces on whatever roster he ends up on. The guy has a natural charm and charisma and if booked well, a big if to be fair, he could be the BIG star the cruiserweight division is looking for as a foil to Neville. Ciampa is also billed as a cruiserweight but could add some bulk and be a fixture in the midcard for awhile. I really see both guys as future champions on the main roster, Gargano as Cruiserweight and Ciampa as IC/US champ, but damn, this was hard. After an incredible match Ciampa and Gargano made their way to the back. The guys in the production truck even put up the copyright tag on screen to indicate the show was over and that we were safe. And then Ciampa snapped.

The beatdown was brutal. The ensuing feud will be great. Check out the video below to have your heart broken into a million pieces. If WWE plays this right, it will be one of, if not the, biggest matches for Takeover Brooklyn III Summerslam weekend. I’m gutted but in the best way possible. Follow me on twitter, @geekadedan, and let me know what you thought of the breakup and what you hope to see from both guys going forward. Until then…

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