Non-Stop Comic Shop #03: DeWolff Among Us


For your third visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop, Jordan chronicles the rise and fall of one of his favorite supporting characters, lady hipster police captain Jean DeWolff. Witness her introduction from Marvel Team-Up #48-51 where she defeats an RC toy enthusiast and psychic micromanaged meat puppet! Gasp at her downfall, as foretold by the great sage Avril Lavigne! Finally, mourn her passing in The Death of Jean DeWolff, where Spider-Man joins forces with Detective Stan Carter, who’s totally not her murderer 😉 Guest starring: Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Nick Fury, Charles Xavier, Charles Bronson, and Bernhard Goetz! Also: will the Justice League’s greatest foe turn out to be: Henry Cavill’s mustache?

Take a gander at our previous show here!

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