Non-Stop Comic Shop #05: Sai of Relief


For your fifth visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop, we’re dedicating the day to everyone’s favorite red-clad sai-wielding ninja who isn’t a turtle, Elektra! First up, Jordan’s review of the first three issues of Elektra: Bloodlines, a tribute to watercolors, dream logic, and YOLO guns! Can ol’ Electric Nachos and her new friend 1920’s flapper Harley Quinn rescue Cape Crow (who is neither a bird nor a wide mountainous peninsula) from the jaws of Cannibal Mega Man? After the break, the boys rush to the defense of the Defenders. Can Netflix’s popular stable of Marvel heroes (and Iron Fist!) prevent Sigourney “The Thumb” Weaver from pillaging Manhattan’s Chinese dragon burial ground? Does Stick hate the Hand as much as he hates his own hands? Can Elektra avoid reliving the plot of that awful Jennifer Garner movie?

Take a gander at our previous show here!

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