Non-Stop Comic Shop #04: The Trilogy Continues…


For your fourth visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop, Jordan dives way back to the seriously silly Silver Age with his review of the Amazing Spider-Man #14. When the Green Goblin (in his first ever appearance, and riding a literal crotch rocket) convinces a Hollywood mogul named BJ to make a movie starring Spider-Man, the web-head is drawn into a trap set by the pitiful mobsters known as the Enforcers (who are not fully aware of what their name means). Also, the Hulk is there, because of reasons. After the break, the boys compare and contrast classic Batman: TAS episode “Harlequinade” with recent release Batman & Harley Quinn. Both feature Batman-Harley-Robin buddy cop triangles, unnecessary musical numbers, and sudden but inevitable betrayals. But which one threatens a nuclear apocalypse and which threatens a vegetable apocalypse? Which has the Joker leaving Harley to die and which has Disco Shrub leaving Harley hanging on the telephone? Which loves our website’s favorite suffix and which loves hanging out at Super Hooters?

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