Podcasting in the Stone Age

Sometimes things have a neat way of working themselves out. 

They're getting along already.

They're getting along already.

The Stone Age Gamer Podcast is now the Stone Age Gamer Podcast. I know, that's a big change, but it's even cooler than it sounds. Let me explain.

The internet can really be a wonderful place sometimes. A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to join a Facebook group called "I Am a Classic Videogamer". This is a wonderful and very active community where people post all sorts of excellent pictures relating to retro gaming. I immediately felt at home, and since I happen to host a retro gaming podcast, I decided to share it. I made a post about The Stone Age Gamer Podcast, in hopes that we could reach some new listeners who might really enjoy our show. Instead, the first comment I got was just plain confusing. The Facebook group's admin wrote "I Haven't listened to your podcast yet, but I love your flash carts". I wasn't aware I had any flash carts. Google to the rescue!

It turns out that there is a rather well known website out there called stoneagegamer.com. I suppose we should have done a little more research before we named our podcast. Oops. 

We then did what we thought was the only sensible thing to do, and reached out to The Stone Age Gamer website, explaining our situation. We offered to change our name, but they came back with the coolest counter offer around: They would become the sponsor of our podcast! After a few emails back and forth, we ironed the kinks out, and here we are. The Stone Age Gamer Podcast is now the official Stone Age Gamer Podcast, and we couldn't be more proud. 

Thanks for listening!