Podcast posting

For posting a podcast, you actually need to make 2 posts. Let's use WaveBack as an example.

First, go to the "Pages" page, and scroll the sidebar on the left side of the screen down to the "NOT LINKED" section. Once there, look for the blog with your podcast's name on it. This blog page is what connects to iTunes, but it's not what readers will be seeing, so this post doesn't have to look pretty. 

For this example, I would be clicking on WaveBack

For this example, I would be clicking on WaveBack

Once you click on your podcast's blog page, you'll hit the + icon to create a new post. Insert audio at the top of the post, and make sure when the audio bar shows up in the post that it has the correct title and author attached. Try to keep your naming structure uniform from post to post. For example, if episode 1 is "WaveBack Ep 1 - Balloon Kid", episode 2 should be "WaveBack Ep 2 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2" and not "Episode 2: Sonic the Hedgehog"

Next, click on the "podcasting" tab at the top of the audio window, and fill out all the fields here. Make sure you click the "Explicit Content" button if it applies to your show! This will only have to be done on this post.

Finally, click on the "Design" header, and click "Show Download Link" because why not?

You're now ready to save this post. If you want to schedule it for a future date, click on the word "Draft" at the bottom of the window and set it up. Otherwise, just save it and I'll post it when it's time to go. 

Next, it's time to make the post that everyone will see. go back to the "NOT LINKED" section and click on the blog called "News Feed" 

This is the central hub for everything that gets posted on the site. From here, the posts get filtered and displayed on their respective pages, including the news feed on the main page. Unfortunately, we can't make the podcast posts in this blog feed to each show's individual iTunes feeds. So, since the other post we just did takes care of iTunes, this post is for the glamour. If you've got graphics and such, this is the place to use them. 

Once you've clicked into the News Feed blog, hit the + button to create a new post. You can set these pages up however you see fit, but again, try to maintain consistency with your other posts. Now, since this stuff is being posted in a universal news feed, there are a few guidelines I'd like you to follow. 

The first and most important one is Categories. at the bottom of the edit post window, there is a place to add categories and tags. Feel free to tag and categorize to your hearts content, but you absolutely, positively MUST categorize your podcast as its own name. I've already created these categories, so they should show up as options, but if they don't email me and I'll get it fixed. Those categories are what will tell the site where to post your podcast on Geekade. As long as you categorize your show as your show's title, everything will be fine. 

WaveBack is categorized as WaveBack. You can add any other categories you like, but just make sure your show's title is one of them. 

WaveBack is categorized as WaveBack. You can add any other categories you like, but just make sure your show's title is one of them. 

Once you've categorized everything, you can build your post. Place your audio file in this post the same way as you did for the other post, except this time you don't have to do anything with the "Podcasting" window. Just upload the audio, make sure it's named what it's supposed to be named with the correct author, and that's it. Add any show notes, images, or whathaveyou and move on to options.

Finally, click on the Options header. The only other guideline we would like you to stick to is the way this page is set up. You'll want to put your episode's artwork in the Thumbnail Image area. This is what things like Facebook, as well as Geekade's automated list generators will pick up to pair with your post. If there's nothing here, sometimes you'll wind up with a generic Geekade logo if you repost your stuff elsewhere, and nobody wants that, right? Once you're done there, make sure the author is correct, and make your way down to the Excerpt window. 

Here, we would like you to write a short tagline in bold, with an episode description underneath. This can be the same episode description you use in your post, on iTunes, whatever. Just some text underneath giving a basic description is all. Most posts on the site already adhere to this format, but since the site is now automatically generating the news feed, we would like to keep things relatively uniform here so they don't look disjointed in the feed. Here's an example from WaveBack.

And I believe that's it. This should get your stuff everywhere it needs to be so we can then put it on all our social media and whatnot. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks!