Weird Al: Educator Supreme?

In case you hadn't heard, Weird Al Yankovic has a brand new album out this week entitled Mandatory Fun. He's been releasing one video per day all week long, and it's been wonderful to see the king of parody back in action. One of these songs/videos in particular struck a chord with me, and that is the brilliant masterpiece "Word Crimes". 

A parody of "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke, "Word Crimes" draws attention to all the wonderful grammatical errors the internet is positively ripe with, and it does so in such an entertaining way, that even on a site called G33klife, it's impossible not to laugh. (Yankovic specifically calls out using numbers instead of letters. Oops...) At any rate, this song is genius, and you should listen to it, and/or buy his album. But there's something bigger to talk about here.

For some reason, this song made its debut on The View. Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that the reason many children don't know any better when they commit these word crimes, is because they don't have the same tools she had when she was their age. Specifically, Schoolhouse Rock. She then made the suggestion that Weird Al should resurrect the show. Great idea, or best idea ever?

With the recent runaway success of the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter, it looks like the timing for a venture like this couldn't be better. There's a want for quality educational programming for kids, and with Weird Al at the helm, a new Schoolhouse Rock could be something truly spectacular. Stripping away the goofball nature of his regular material, Al Yankovic is quite a talented musician and lyricist. In fact, his original stuff is usually some of the best content on any given Weird Al album. 

This is a thing that should happen. I want my kids to have their own iteration of Schoolhouse Rock, and Al's just the man to do it. Of course, I have my Fraggle Rock DVD's, so my offspring won't be completely uncultured, but it certainly couldn't hurt to have more quality programming out there. 

What do you think?