Geekade 2016 Preview!

Well, 2015 is officially in the past. That means it's time to look ahead to the future, and Geekade has some pretty cool stuff planned for 2016. Here's a quick preview of some of the goodness we have in store.

Apathetic Enthusiasm's Brandon Cruz is starting up a Twilight Zone podcast called Submitted For Your Approval. It's an episode by episode podcast featuring guests, factoids, and much much more. It's starting up today (January 1st), and will bring new episodes every Sunday until there's no more Twilight Zone to discuss! 

robot nightmare.JPG

We have a new show! Starting sometime this year (probably with a new logo. It's pretty early in development) we will be the proud presenters of Robot Nightmare, a video game streaming show on our YouTube channel. We've got one test episode in the can, and while there isn't much to show off just yet, I can say that it's very funny stuff. These folks are brand new to the Geekade family too, so hooray for fresh voices! We'll have more details soon.

Speaking of fresh voices, The WaveBack Podcast is getting a co-host! After 15 episodes of me talking to myself about how much I love video game music, it occured to me that it might be more interesting to listen to if there was someone else there for me to talk to. This is another thing that's still in the test phases, but I have a good feeling about the direction we're currently heading in. Things will become more conversational, and my prospective co-host has pretty different video game musical tastes from mine. It should prove for some very interesting discussions!

Words of Power is coming back! Yes, Geekade's audio book renditions of the Worlds of Power novels is returning to fill your ears with the sweet, sweet words of the FX Nine series. Things start off in just a few weeks with the premiere of Mega Man 2 as read by me (Kris Randazzo) and it's our goal to get through at least 4 books this year. Keep your eyes peeled around baseball season for some Bases Loaded, Halloween for some spooky Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, and more on the way. They're all terrible, but we're going to do our very best to make them fun. 

On top of this, we'll be attending all sorts of conventions, doing more live shows, and as much as we can fit into our lives. Of course, that's in addition to all our other content continuing every week. Heck, if we can pull it off, we may even have a full site redesign so you can find your favorite articles, shows, podcasts and more with new and improved ease! Geekade is just starting out, and we hope to have lots more fun with all of you in the future. Stay tuned, and welcome to Geekade 2016!