Help Geekade's Alex Azar Win Stuff!

And now, a word from Macabre Movie Mausoleum's Alex Azar.

Hello all my little grave toppers and tombstones. Today I’ve great news for you all (well mostly me). My book, Nightmare Noir, has been nominated for several ‘best of 2015’ awards and I need your help to win. The book is nominated for four awards, and being fan voted awards, your voice determines the winner.

To vote, click each of the links below, select Nightmare Noir, enter your name and email address, and fill out the captia. You’ll receive an email with a link, you must click that link for the vote to be processed.  All in all voting takes less than 60 seconds, less time than it took to read all this, so be a pal won’t you? Thank you from the deepest darkest part of my dead heart.

Best Anthology – Nightmare Noir from Mystery and Horror, LLC

Best Mystery Novel – Nightmare Noir by Alex Azar

Best Horror Short Story – Liquid Marble by Alex Azar

Best Cover Artwork – Nightmare Noir by TJ Halvorsen

You can vote as often as you’d like and from as many email addresses as you have and voting ends on January 14th, so… if you have the time between now and then, don’t be shy, please. Thank you.