Geekade Hits the Road! (UPDATE)

Do you want to see Geekade live and in person? Do you want to see the majesty of Dan's beard? Dean's bulging biceps? Kris's remarkable fashion sense? Evan's Moon Knight hat? All of these things are now within your reach, as Geekade is hitting the road, and making appearances at several local conventions! With South Jersey Geek Fest behind us, it's time to focus on our next stop...

For our next show, we will be heading to Too Many Games June 26-28. For anyone not in the know, TMG is a video game convention with roots dating back to 2004. It's chock full of musical guests, gaming celebrities, and all the video games you could ask for. As for what we're doing there, details are still being worked out, but we will definitely be hosting a live panel at the event! We will also be walking the show floor, handing out stuff, and talking to anybody who will listen, but if you saw our live Papercuts panel at Garden State Comic Fest last year, you know our panels are not to be missed. Speaking of which...

We will be rounding out our little tour by returning to the always awesome Garden State Comic Fest July 25-26! This is a comic book convention just the way you like it: completely focused on comics. They've got all manner of guests lined up, including some top tier artists from all walks of the industry, and Geekade will be there in force. Again, our exact plans are still being formulated in dark, smoke filled rooms (indoor bonfires are a bad idea. We've since moved to non-smoke filled rooms) so stay tuned for more information, but our presence there is going to be LARGE. 

So, to sum up, here's that schedule one more time.

South Jersey Geek Fest  April 4th, 2015 at the Woodbury Heights Community Center 
Too Many Games June 26-28th, 2015 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
Garden State Comic Fest July 25-26th, 2015 at the Mennin Sports Arena

That's the basics. As we get closer to the actual events, we'll let you all know when and where you can find us. We're looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible, so don't be shy! Come out and enjoy some kick-ass conventions with us!

See you there!

We would like to give a big thank you to everyone at South Jersey Geek Fest. We had a blast!