South Jersey Geek Fest is Tomorrow!!!

Are you looking for something exciting to do this weekend? Are you free on Saturday? Are you a geek? Do you like fests? Are you located in or around South Jersey? We just might have exactly what you're looking for.

This Saturday, April 4th, Geekade will be attending South Jersey Geekfest, and you should too. Why? Here's 5 reasons.

1. It's a Geekfest for the rest of us.

South Jersey Geekfest isn't focused on any one type of geek. Much like Geekade, SJGF is dedicated to geeks of every interest. Just look at this crazy list of vendors! The've got comic book stores, board game shops, other conventions, quilts, bookmarks, toys, some weird website called Geekade, and a whole lot more coming to the show. It's pretty safe to assume that there will be something for everyone. 

2. It's small, and that's a good thing.

Let's face it, big events are totally awesome, but there's something about small shows that's really special. You get to see everything there is to offer, and spend some real time taking it all in. With this much awesome stuff packed into one place, you're going to want to stop and smell the roses. Just don't stop to smell the other patrons. They probably wouldn't appreciate that. 

3. It's right here in Jersey.

Okay, this one only applies if you're local. But if you are, no toll bridges, no hotels, no crazy parking garages, no subway, just good times, good geeks, and great fun. 

4. It's affordable.

Did we mention that it's only $8 to get in ($5 if you order in advance)? You've got $8, don't you? Sure you do. 

5. We'll be there

Yup, Geekade is going to be there, and we're doing a live trivia episode of the Stone Age Gamer Podcast! There will be audience participation, Geekade swag, and maybe some special appearances by some of our writing staff and/or a certain lovable someone from the Papercuts Podcast. It's your chance to meet us in person, and see just how dashing we really are! 

Seriously folks, this is going to be a darn good time, and if you can swing it, it's totally worth the trip. Head on over to for all the details you could possibly want. And we'll see you there!