Welcome to Apathetic Enthusiasm

We have a new podcast!

The Apathetic Enthusiasm Podcast is now part of Geekade! What is Apathetic Enthusiasm? I'm glad you asked.

Travis Menard and Brandon Cruz are the hosts of this wonderfully entertaining show, where they discuss all things pop culture. It's sort of a catchall. One week they could talk about some fancy summer blockbuster, and in the same episode discuss the new flavor of Slurpee at your local 7-11 (No, we're not announcing  the Geekade flavored Slurpee. Although...) and the next week they might discuss the latest cell phone gem swap game. Who knows what's coming next? They've got personality to spare, and starting today, their podcasts are a part of the Geekade family. And it is a family. 

Episode 10 is live right now, and their entire backlog has been uploaded to our site. They can also be found on iTunes, and in their own homes. They have promised to give us their home addresses to post here, but thus far have not delivered. I'm sure they'll cough them up soon.

So, give them a warm welcome, subscribe to their show, and let us know what you think!