Free Comic Book Day Streaming Event!

Free Comic Book Day is nearly upon us, and to celebrate, Geekade will be live-streaming our attempt to beat the Sega Genesis classic Comix Zone!!!

Of course, Comix Zone is notoriously difficult, so it will probably be pretty embarrassing. Nevertheless, The Stone Age Gamer Podcast's Dean and Kris will put forth a valiant effort to defeat the game, starting at 8pm this Saturday! All you need to do is go to our Twitch page, and enjoy our pain!

But what is this Free Comic Book Day, you ask? Well, Free Comic Book Day is an annual event held at comic book stores across the country on the first Saturday in May. Publishers like Marvel, DC, Image, etc. print comics exclusively for FCBD, and participating stores give them away for FREE! It's a great way to get new readers into comics, and for publishers to get existing readers pumped for whatever events they have coming up. A lot of places make quite an event out of it, so it should be a fun time.

So, grab your friends, and head on over to your local comic book shop for some free goodness. And while you're at it, why not buy some comics to go along with your free ones? Comic books are awesome, after all.

In summation, here's how your Saturday should go:

  1. Go to a comic book store*
  2. Get some free comics
  3. Buy some other comics to compliment your free ones
  4. Go home and read your comics
  5. Tune into our Twitch channel and watch us play Comix Zone!
  6. Go to bed, satisfied that your day was awesome

We'll see you there!

*We recommend listening to our Papercuts Podcast before this step, just so you're up to speed on all things comics.