YouTube Recap 5/17-5/23

It was a busy week for videos, as we saw the return of Arbitrary Rules, a new series called Noob Nation, Unite! and even some Twitch streaming. Here's the rundown:

First up, we have Arbitrary Rules with Dean and Jess. They took on the bizarre game Catherine. 

Next, we have Noob Nation Unite!. Ghetto Bond and the Vest Lord, take on the best noobs that Blizzard can throw at them.

Over on our Twitch channel, Dean spent a few nights taking on the infinitely bizarre Little Inferno.

And finally, we had some killer coverage of Atlantic City Boardwalk Con. 

And that's about the long and the short of it. Be sure to stay tuned to out YouTube and Twitch channels for all the latest video content from Geekade.