I Hear Bells Ringing!

Everybody loves the news, right? And wrestling, well Dan Ryan can give you plenty of reasons to love that. But, what about combining the two? Joining the concept of delivering recaps of the goings-on in the world with all things wrestling, and putting it in video form? With COMEDY??? Ladies and gentlemen, Ring the Bell.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 6.42.03 AM.png

Ring the Bell is a new video series that wraps up the highlights of the previous weeks' professional wrestling, and does so with a delightful brick wall backdrop, and a healthy dose of comedy. JR Perez, his desk, his crew, his action figures, and occasional guests bring you a wrestling wrap-up like no other. Why? Because professional wrestling is real...funny.

With several hilarious episodes under their belts, they've decided to team up with Geekade and bring their unique comedy stylings to our happy home. New episodes go live every other Monday at 7:30pm, STARTING TONIGHT!!! So, tune in, tell your friends, and have a laugh. You can check out their newest episode right here, and they can be found on witter @ringthebellTV and on Instagram @ringthebellTV. 

Give them a big, warm welcome, won't you? See you tonight at 7:30!