Geekade says goodbye to CBFU

It's never fun to write a post like this, but the times they are-a-changin. Over the past several months, Geekade has enjoyed a partnership with the group Comic Book Fans United. These fine gentlemen have done a great job of providing some excellent content, but the time has come for them to fly free, like the magical birds they are. 

So, the Comic Book Fans United Podcast, CBFU From the Shop, and Flash Facts are all leaving Geekade, but they're not going away! All three of these fine shows will still be available on the CBFUPodcast YouTube channel, as well as Nerdopotamus, which just so happens to be the new home of the Tiger Driver '91 Podcsat as well. 

This is a bittersweet goodbye, because while we here at Geekade are certainly fans of their content and sad to see them go, we all agree that this is the best move for all parties involved, and that CBFU will be in very good hands over at Nerdo. 

So, if you haven't already, take this opportunity to check out these great shows. They're full of some of the best comic book-related personalities on the web, and well worth your time. 

Thanks for everything, CBFU!