Apathetic Enthusiasm - AE's Roadshow!

Travis might've left me all alone in Hawaii (such a terrible thing) but thanks to the magic of modern technology (magic AND technology), we're still able to do this podcast. Even as he drives from San Diego to Omaha, we're still able to pump out content (in between his VR breaks). We decided that this week, we'd talk about how are lives are shifting gears.

Turns out, other than a few side experiences, we still have some similarities!

Sure, I may not have gone to Disneyland last week or tried out VR technology. Sure, he may not have watched the Conjuring 2 (which is great) or Zoombies (not at all great), but we both managed to see Finding Dory (which is great). 

There is a difference that is pretty cool: Travis having experienced the new VR device and my minimal experience with it. In the show, he mentions that up until he tried out the technology, he was in the same boat as me. That boat being: it's hard pressed to be anything more than a gimmick. I sincerely believe him when he says it's an incredible and intuitive experience. Where we differ is our thought on the the tech's viability. I'm not sure it'll be anything other than a temporary stop before a newer, more seamless product arrives. Travis thinks as more people see what it's capable of, and as Microsoft and Sony start making their consoles VR compatible, that it will catch on.

I'm not sure who will be more accurate in the long term, but it'll be an interesting journey.

However, I want to know: what are your thoughts on VR gaming? Is it ever going to be anything more than a gimmick? Are you more on Team Travis or Team Brandon? Is this their "Civil War"?

Let us know in the comments below, send us a tweet (@apathusiast) or shoot us an email (apatheticenthusiasmshow@gmail.com)!