Non-Stop Comic Shop #12: God Help Us, Everyone

Merry Christmas, Happy belated Hanukkah, Happy Life Day, and Happy “Canadians Punching Each Other” Day to you on your 12th visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop! On tonight’s show, Jordan reviews all five staves of the unhappy union between the undead hordes and classic Dickensian literature known as Marvel’s Zombies Christmas Carol. Featuring: Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, a floating jawbone, a scene mistakenly lifted from Citizen Kane, a baby and a rhino, and Jacob Marley’s Chastity Mask! Plus: Brendan compares zombies to Frosted Flakes when applicable. After the break, it’s our end-of-year news roundup, where we remark on the Justice League box office fallout, the Fox/Disney deal, the MCU’s second alien man/Earth woman period romance, Deadpool’s trusty cameraman Wayne Campbell, Woody Harrelson’s first serial killer role since 1994, Thanos’ John McClane impression, and maybe some news about comic books if there’s time. #MoreOfGravyThenOfGrave

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