Non-Stop Comic Shop #13: Oh, the Inhumanity!

(Please be advised: This is a two-part episode.  Both halves are posted above)

For your lucky number thirteenth visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop, Ike Perlmutter’s years-long endeavor to replace the X-Men with the Inhumans has crashed and burned, and the boys have invited Jonathan and Patti from the Mutant Musings podcast to come dance on its grave. In the first half, the gang reviews the alleged salad days of the franchise with Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee’s Inhumans from 1998, and they conclude that a lot of things must have looked Eisner award-worthy compared to Heroes Reborn. Then in the second half, an epic length autopsy on Marvel’s the Inhumans tv show, which clearly looked at the Jenkins/Lee opus, kept everything that sucked, and made everything good about it utterly horrifying. Among the many questions that will be angrily answered: Why is Karnak grateful that most people have forgotten about Johnny Carson? What important lessons could Gorgon have learned from Grand Moff Tarkin? How did Crystal evolve from a woke abolitionist to a bubble-headed racist? How could Maximus be played by Ramsey Bolton from Game of Thrones and still be easily more likable then our heroes? Is Reefer Madness an MCU movie? And doesn’t the Fox/Disney deal render this entire enterprise completely pointless? #ComeAtMeBronaja

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Jordan Hazelwood

Jordan has been creating geeky Internet media for about 8 years now, starting with his late lamented video review show, Geek Criteek. He's since found his calling as a podcaster and video game live-streamer, hosting and editing over 100 episodes of each. An avid fan of D&D, MST3K, the PS4 and the MCU, he isn't sure which is his prouder achievement: that he framed one episode of the Non-Stop Comic Shop by singing the plot of Thor Ragnarok to the tune of a Steve Miller song, or that during that very song he was able to come up with a rhyme for "Devil's Anus".

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