Non-Stop Comic Shop #14: The Kids Are Alright


For your fourteenth visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop, we’ve dedicated a show to some of the lil’est costumed vigilantes around. In Power Pack #1, Captain Brony and Tony Stark’s robot girlfriend bestow awesome powers to four prepubescent siblings shortly before Marvel’s cool grandma Louise Simonson breaks one of their arms. After the break, the boys look down upon Next Avengers (or Avengers Next): Heroes of Tomorrow, a sweet and innocent children’s movie that’s half grim dark robot apocalypse and half catty ‘shipping exercise. We ask the hard questions, like: Why are evil snakes with grasshopper legs Jordan’s new spirit animals? Does Brendan always imagine Wolverine stabbing little girls? Why did we briefly think Black Panther had married the Flash? Aren’t trophy rooms inherently illogical? And why doesn’t Hank and Janet’s kid have a first name?

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Jordan Hazelwood

Jordan has been creating geeky Internet media for about 8 years now, starting with his late lamented video review show, Geek Criteek. He's since found his calling as a podcaster and video game live-streamer, hosting and editing over 100 episodes of each. An avid fan of D&D, MST3K, the PS4 and the MCU, he isn't sure which is his prouder achievement: that he framed one episode of the Non-Stop Comic Shop by singing the plot of Thor Ragnarok to the tune of a Steve Miller song, or that during that very song he was able to come up with a rhyme for "Devil's Anus".

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