Non-Stop Comic Shop #15: Foe Your Consideration


Welcome to your fifteenth visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop. And lo, there came a day unlike any other, when Jordan read two mini-series in a row that happened to have the same word in the title and declared “Yep, that’ll be an episode”! First up is the Lethal Foes of Spider-Man (not to be confused with the Deadly, Fatal, Unhealthy or Deleterious Foes), an entertaining yet bloated scrum of a story where six bad guys too many fight over a pulse rifle from Aliens. Next up is Fantastic Four: Foes, written by Robert “The Talking Dead” Kirkman, proving once again that he’s quite good at writing snappy engaging dialogue and a bit lacking at writing anything else, and featuring embarrassingly lazy copy-and-paste artwork from someone who strangely isn’t Greg Land. Starring special guest villains: Sexy Iron Man, Jurassic Park Cash-in Man, Whatever Power He Needs Right Now Man, Cyborg Dead Husband Man, Nazi Made of Bees Man, the Iconoclast, and Madame Butterface! #DollarSignPercentageAmpersandPercentage

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