Non-Stop Comic Shop #16: Jordan’s Top 20 Worst Comics, Pt I


On tonight’s milestone 16th episode of the Non-Stop Comic Shop, Jordan begins his retrospective of the 75 episodes of comic book media podcasts he made before he washed onto the shores of Geekade. And because it’s still the Internet, he’ll mostly be covering the 20 (well … 21) absolute worst comics he’s ever reviewed. What comic has “the ending to end all endings”? Were microwave comm towers originally designed to be weapons of mass destruction? Why would Reed Richards declare you a hero if you shoved a blind person out onto a tiny ledge at the top of a skyscraper? Why do we consider NYX: Wannabe Marvel’s equivalent to Red Hood & the Outlaws? Who is Fred Silverman and why should you feel sorry for him? All this and more, especially when we hit the second half of the list next episode!

Take a gander at our previous show here!

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