Non-Stop Comic Shop #29: Doggie Bag

For your 29th visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop, the gang is taking two of Marvel Comics’ giant sapient dogs out for walkies! First up in Ms. Marvel #8-9, Kamala Khan is out to stop the kidnapping schemes of Reverse Dr. Robotnik, but will she get distracted by Lockjaw, the Inhumans’ supremely huggable doggo? After the break, the time has come for Warriors Three: Dog Day Afternoon by Bill “Fables” Willingham, which chronicles the century spanning feud-slash-bar bet between the huge wolf from Thor: Ragnarok and the three instant corpses from Thor: Ragnarok. Guest starring: Helen Gable, the seriously swole mad scientist who everyone treats like she fulfilled some grand redemption arc when she did nothing of the sort. Jordan is here to make several 25+ year old Simpson riffs and say hello to his eighth grade science teacher. Brendan is here to inform us that Canada has been renamed “Snow Mexico” and complain that Fenris’ invisible chain is too invisible. And Grace is here to explain what the holes in meat cleavers are for and to inadvertently horrify us all with memories of that little girl/sheepdog gestalt thing from Fullmetal Alchemist. #HornyFatAndStupidHat

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Jordan Hazelwood

Jordan has been creating geeky Internet media for about 8 years now, starting with his late lamented video review show, Geek Criteek. He's since found his calling as a podcaster and video game live-streamer, hosting and editing over 100 episodes of each. An avid fan of D&D, MST3K, the PS4 and the MCU, he isn't sure which is his prouder achievement: that he framed one episode of the Non-Stop Comic Shop by singing the plot of Thor Ragnarok to the tune of a Steve Miller song, or that during that very song he was able to come up with a rhyme for "Devil's Anus".

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