Non-Stop Comic Shop #30: Marvel Gear Rising: Revengeance

For your 30th visit to the Non-Stop Comic Shop, the boys are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to talk about Squirrel Girl, Savior of Letters Pages, Bane of Craig Ferguson! In Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5, Vol. 1, a small group of civilians (including Squirrel Girl’s college roommate, Not-Janelle Monae) have been taken hostage by a vague robot dinosaur-themed super-villain and decide to pass the time by doing the usual “Tell wildly inaccurate stories about the title character while also parodying multiple eras of comics” thing. After the break, we become BFFs with Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors: Initiation, the single TV episode-length prologue to an upcoming animated movie which features the slightly delayed portrayal of Squirrel Girl by Lily from AT&T, a TV-PG rated murder investigation, and fiction’s most plot convenient friendship bracelet! Did writer Ryan North try to warn us of the Captain America: Secret Empire debacle a year early? Is an all-ex-girlfriend rock band the ultimate nightmare scenario? What’s a far more appropriate name for Chipmunk Hunk? What’s the worst thing your father can inadvertently tell you when your father is Denis Leary? How does Angel’s proton pack compare to Squirrel Girl’s badonkadonk? Do you want to get nuts? Come on, let’s get nuts! #WhyMustLaundryBeSoHard

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Jordan Hazelwood

Jordan has been creating geeky Internet media for about 8 years now, starting with his late lamented video review show, Geek Criteek. He's since found his calling as a podcaster and video game live-streamer, hosting and editing over 100 episodes of each. An avid fan of D&D, MST3K, the PS4 and the MCU, he isn't sure which is his prouder achievement: that he framed one episode of the Non-Stop Comic Shop by singing the plot of Thor Ragnarok to the tune of a Steve Miller song, or that during that very song he was able to come up with a rhyme for "Devil's Anus".

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