TD91 XLIII - Say Goodbye to the Bad Guys (Geekade Finale)

Enter the Dome one last time on the Geekade side of the world as we lace up the boots one last time before we move on down the road to the next big territory! Join us for Gawker v. Hogan jabber, injury worries, and the current Wrestlemania card. Above all, join us in thanking the Geekade family for all the support we've received the last few months. Kris, Dean, Evan, Dan, Matt, Jr and everyone else at Ring the Bell, Why I Love Wrestling, and Geekade...THANK YOU!

TD91 XLII - Hulk Hogan and the 10 Inches of Kayfabe

The Driver Dome is back to full power this week as Carlos is back from his adventures in foreign lands. So put on your elbow pads, enter the dome, and join is in great conversation about Lucha Underground, the current road to Wrestlemania, Roadblock, the Hall of Fame, Hogan's dick talk, racist Vince impressions and other horrible, horrible things.


The Driver Dome is two men down this week! While Coral is dying in Chile and Joey is dying on his toilet, Jerry and Fre keep it absolutely real and set the Dome on fire. Join us as we discuss Bryan's retirement NJPW's New Beginning in Osaka, Titus O'Neil's suspension, Sunny, and much much more.

TD91 XXXIX - FATnominal

The Driver Dome is poppin' off after this year FATNOMINAL Royal Rumble. Come get hyped with TD91 as we recap the happenings at this year's Rumble, mark out like little girls about the debut of AJ Styles, discuss Jerry's addiction to merch, the RAW fallout, Sunny's bright new career, and much much more about Jerry's dark secrets.

TD91 XXXIII - The Quest for Brody's Blood

The Warcraft movie trailer drops this Friday. That has absolutely nothing to do with pro wrestling, but I, Fre, did send Coral on a quest to bring me a vial of Bruiser Brody's blood. All he had to do was go to Puerto Rico to find it! In the mean time, Joey and I hold it down with the Hell in a Cell fallout, fielding some listener phone calls from Carlos and Jerrbroni Masputo, some Survivor Series talk, and much more. Come get consumed by the Dome.

TD91 XXXII - King of Jabrons Tournament

King of the Ring, King of Cable, King of Trios...all legendary tournaments to crown the best in the business. Now, Tiger Driver '91 proudly presents to you a tournament to crown the biggest jabroni to ever grace the squared circle. Step into the dome and listen to the misery and hilarity unfold as we crown the first ever...KING JABRON!

TD91 XXXI - Abdullah the Halloween Candy

Do you like obnoxious evil laughs at inopportune times? Perhaps you like watching Big Show and Lesnar go at it for the millionth time with nothing new happening. If you do, you're a jabroni. We don't discriminate though, so join us for talk on the MSG show, our favorite Monday Night War moments, and most importantly, our favorite Halloween Havoc matches MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

TD91 XXX - "I'm Forcing You to Feel Me" - Alexander Hamilton

It is a little-known fact that on that fateful July day in 1804, as Alexander Hamilton loaded his gun and prepared for armed battle against his nemesis -- Aaron Burr -- he looked his foe straight in the eye, waved his hand on his face and mouthed, "I'm untouchable but I'm forcing you to feel me." He talked a big game, but he got his ass handed to him in a duel and died. TD91 talks the biggest game, duels with the podcast game, wins, and gets hyped on the regular. So, aside from being phenomenal historians, we are here to bring you the fire from the Night of Champions fall out. Wanna hear some hilarious stories about our first wrestling show? BAM! We just shot ya with Aaron Burr's gun loaded with hilarity and darkness from 90s and mid 2000s WWE cards! Come duel with us and die.

TD91 XXVIII - The Curse Of King Jabrón

GEEKADE! WE’RE COMING FOR YOU, N– What? Oh, yeah. We should keep this classy. For all of you Geekade vets out there, welcome to the DRIVER DOME! This week we’re covering the fallout from NXT Takeover and Summerslam. And while that’s all well and good, come take a spiritual journey with the Driver Dudes as they learn a little bit about themselves and their adventures from the past weekend. Will we fight strangers in defense of John Cena? Come find out!

TD91 XXVII - S*** F*** MANIA II: Brother vs Brothers

The Dome proudly presents SHIT FUCK MANIA II! This is a special, commemorative event in honor of the hilarious development Hulk Hogan’s life. Join us as we do some play-by-play a few of his absolute worst matches and make some tasteless jokes at his expense. While this is worth more than a secondary mention, we found out Roddy Piper passed away during the viewing of these matches and we realized that a man who walked around with half his body in black paint just for heat would want us to continue. So while this cast bares Hogan’s name imagery, it is dedicated to the memory of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

TD91 XXV - Hype Dempsey

Steve Off returns to the Driver Dome a second time to discuss the success of the first Pro Wrestling Magic Show and to hype HYPE HYPE the second show. Which, in turn, will stay HYPED. So come join the Driver Dudes and Steve as they discuss Magic, NXT, Extreme Rules, and much much more!

TD91 XXIV - S*** F*** MANIA I

The Driver Dome proudly presents: Shit Fuck Mania I! Ahh yes, join the Driver dickheads as they pick 4 of some of the worst Mania matches to ever stink up arenas on the grandest stage of em all! Come laugh, cry, and probably writhe in pain as we call and discuss these horrible fucking atrocities. We’ve provided a link to all the matches for your viewing pleasure!

Wrestlemania 7: Rick Martel vs. Jake Roberts (Blindfold match)

Wrestlemania 15: Butterbean vs. Bart Gunn (Brawl for All finals)

Wrestlemania 15: Undertaker vs. Big Boss Man (Hell in a Cell

Wrestlemania 26: Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon